A black and white world

The common link that binds the whimsical paintings of Junko Go is the concept of duality, or Yin and Yang.  And, in her latest exhibition this is expressed stunningly in ‘black and white’.

Junko explores how opposing forces are conveyed by colour in this highly anticipated exhibition appropriately titled all about…black and white.  In this most recent outing she explores the concept that these two absolute colours most suitably represent the ‘world of duality’.

“I regard black and white as being in opposition. But they cannot be a harsh juxtaposition, the opposite forces are interconnected and interdependent,” Junko explains.  “I use black to depict negative encounters, such as fear and sadness, as opposed to white that has positive connotations.”

Gentle shades of grey play a vital role by linking the emotional shades between these two absolutes.

Drawing on the gentle Tao religion with its cornerstone philosophy of Yin and Yang, Junko reveals it is this duality that guides her philosophical reflections about our world and life:  “I’m not trying to tell the viewer what to think or classify things. Rather I am just asking: Aren’t we living in a world of duality?”