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Chantale Delrue was born in Belgium where she studied sculpture and completed a degree in painting at the St Lucas institute in Brussels. She has lived in different parts of the world before settling in Tasmania in 1980. Since her arrival Chantale has directed numerous community arts projects in Australia and overseas as well as produced large scale commissioned works for public and private clients. She has also held exhibitions in Australia, Europe and Japan. In 1995 she was included on the Inaugural Tasmanian Honour Roll of Women for her contributions to the arts and in 2006 she received a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Tasmania. A multi disciplinary artist, Chantales’ current work explores the intersection between notions of the natural and the inner world. Her works on paper use a dying technique where, not unlike in an alchemical process, natural dyes extracted from plants and mixed with mordants are used to form a unique background for drawings and paintings.

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