andrew donohoe
I am a self taught artist working primarily as a printmaker. Linocuts have long been a favoured medium for me. Tasmania’s iconic forests and the forms of the majestic tall Eucalypts have informed much of my work, as living in Southern Tasmania this is my physical environment. Consider that Hobart’s tallest building is Wrestpoint Casino at 73 metres yet in Tasmania we have tress up to 99.8 metres in height with names such as ‘Centurion’ (tallest hardwood tree in the world) ‘Medusa’, ‘Andromeda’and ‘Icarus Dream’ In recent years and collaborations through successive residencies at ‘Proyecto Ace’, Buenos Aires, Argentina I have experimented and worked with waterless lithography, to create new realities and multi layered mixed media driven work. My work continues to evolve through travel, the passing of the seasons, everyday experiences and the smallest and seemingly most mundane visual details of life. 
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