linda keough

I started painting in the early 1990s in the south of France, inspired, like many artists before me, by the magical light and romantic mood. It wasn’t until a long stay in California, however, that abstract painting became a passion.

For me the abstract is the only way to paint so, although my work is inspired by the landscape and the infinite textures, colours and moods of the environment, the paintings themselves are the result of a powerful conversation between those elements and my inner self.

My latest paintings are a reflection of my feelings, emotions and moods, as influenced by the magnificent landscapes of Tasmania. I don’t paint what I see – I paint how I feel about what I see.

I like to work quickly, mixing colours on the canvas, to create vibrant and often unexpected images. Much like our physical environment, the most exciting formations in our natural surroundings are not planned, but happen by accident. My aim in my painting is to reflect this serendipitous quality of life. The end result, often deeply layered, is an innerscape, a revelation of, and conversation with, the forces that orchestrate the scene on the canvas from within. The interplay of those forces ultimately forms the resolved, apparently chaotic, but essentially still, outerscape.

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