elizabeth lada grey

Finding inspiration in the mythological stories of metamorphosis my work traverses between figuration and abstraction. The painting constantly changes between form and formless, between the familiar and unfamiliar. I strive for a painting that has a sense of the mysterious, organically hovering and dissolving over the surface of the canvas.


My attraction to oil painting lies in the nature of the paint itself. The addition of oil enhances the unique properties of each paint pigment creating rich contrasts and optical complexity. The application of alternating layers of transparent and opaque paint creates work that constantly fluctuates between the static and ephemeral. Soft edges contrast with sharp and the illusion of depth is created with subtle cool and warm colour contrasts.


The direct touch of the brush onto the linen places the process of painting directly into the present. Rather than an abstract gesture or spontaneous self-expression my work is a slow poetic construction. The painting is reformed many times to reach its contemporary conclusion. The process is attentive and responsive to weakness, fragility, absences, flaws of the artist, and the painting itself. A resolution is slowly and meticulously found as the work takes on its own character leaving only a trace of the artist in the object.

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