alyce bailey
“People believe I am what they see me as, rather than what they do not see. But I am the Great Unseen, not what I cause myself to be in any particular moment. In a sense, I am what I am not. It is from the am-notness that I come, and to it I always return.” -Neale Donald Walsch. Alyce Bailey is a young artist who creates associations with self through anthropomorphic images that explore the emotional scales of sensitivity and states of mind as she moves through the world. Deeply intuitive, Alyce responds to her environment and expresses herself through ink and paint to portray hybrid human-animal forms that are a reflection of the diversity and fragility found in nature. Her work is considered and carefully executed on the canvas bridging a strong relationship with the subject and the space around it. Alyce sometimes introduces chance into her work when she shoots at the canvases to create another element of mark making, knowing that the shotgun pellets will hit, but never truly knowing where. Alyce is an emerging artist who has captivated audiences with her dynamic and dedicated approach to her work. She has featured in Art Rage and has been a finalist in the RACT Portraiture Prize, and Bay of Fires Art Prize where her work was Highly Commended. In her short career, Alyce has established herself as an emerging artist of unique talent.

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