geoff marshall
Geoff Marshall is currently in his final year of a Bachelor  of Environmental Design (Furniture) at the UTAS School of  Architecture and Design in Launceston, Tasmania.  Building on his early interest in the visual arts Geoff is refining ideas  around form and translating them into functional design  pieces.  Seeking to blend aesthetics with functionality, Geoff’s work  is inspired by everyday human interaction.  The ability of a piece to elicit satisfaction on a number of levels is central to his design philosophy of aesthetically engaging everyday functionality.  He draws inspiration from natural forms, cultural motifs  and symbols. Geoff’s current work practice is focused on combining new technology with traditional techniques.  Hand crafting practices blend seamlessly with 3D modeling  processes to create pieces that acknowledge the past whilst looking to the future.

Conus Pendant —
The pared back elegance of a sea shell provides inspiration for the sculptural functionality of the Conus Pendant.  The elegant component based design provides the versatility to utilise a range of materials whilst maintaining the integrity of the original concept. 

Cache Pendant —
At first glance the eye is drawn to the elegant simplicity of the faceted surfaces of the Cache Pendant.  The piece plays with shadows to reveal a dichotomous interplay between light and dark, and the intricate central component is consciously juxtaposed with the refined lines of each facet. 
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